Extend screensaver sleep time on Amazon Fire TV Stick

The stock running time (the number of minutes the screensaver will stay active on your TV) for the Amazon Fire TV Stick is 20 minutes. The “Start Time”, when the screensaver kicks in, can be changed to either 5, 10, 15 minutes or never.

What I did first was to enable ADB Debugging in the Developer Options and settings on the AFTV Stick and then install ADB on my PC.

  • Enable “ADB Debugging” in “Developer Options” on the AFTV.

Go to Settings: My Fire TV: Developer Options: ADB Debugging

Click “My Fire TV”.

Click “Developer Options”.

Click on “ADB Debugging” so that it shows “ON”.

While you’re in here, go to back to the

“Settings” option, select “My Fire TV” : “About” and write down the IP address shown to the right of the “Network” selection. This will be needed later when you connect your PC to your AFTV.

  • Install ADB (Android De-Bugging).

ADB is essentially a tool which allows you to make changes to the operating system of the AFTV without rooting the device. I installed the software on my Surface Pro 3 and accessed my AFTV from there.

I used this ADB software available from the good people at XDA Developers.

Install the software as described. When you’re finished, follow these steps below.

Open File Explorer and locate the folder where the files are. On my machine it looks like this.

Open the folder so that you see the available files and then: hold down the shift button and right click anywhere in the blank area below the files. You should see this drop down menu.

You should now be looking at this window.

This is where I encountered a problem. An easy way to know if everything is working is to enter the following command: adb version

I encountered the error message shown.

After Googling around for a while, I found this solution. Before the ADB command, enter: .\

For all of the following commands make sure you preface the adb command with .\

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