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Sonos – Access denied

I recently added my iTunes Podcasts to my Sonos Media Library. Although I could see the episodes, I got an Access Denied error when trying to play them.

My fix was this: Manage > Settings > Music Library > then enable Music Library Permissions.

Update the Music Library and you’re good to go, or at least I was.


MLB At Bat 2015

mlb at bat windows phone app

Although originally removed from the Windows Store, MLB At Bat 2015 is now available again for Windows Phone.

It was working fine for me until the audio stopped. When I tried to re-start I received an error “Invalid User Credentials”.

What worked for me:

Close and re-open app.

Tap the three button menu icon (bottom right).

On the Menu select “ account”

Sign back in.



This action cannot be performed at this time. Please try again later. For more information, go to

screenshot xbox music pass sign up error


When attempting to sign up for the Xbox Music Pass free month you may receive this error.

Before you go through the suggested fixes from Microsoft and from various forums, make sure you haven’t already used your account to take advantage of the free month offer already.

For some reason, Xbox doesn’t have a separate function that renders a specific error message.

It’s possible that is the reason.



How to share OneDrive files on Slack

Unfortunately Slack, although an excellent product, doesn’t offer integration with Microsoft OneDrive.

However, by utilizing OneDrive’s create link function you can bring the joys of OneDrive to your fellow Slackers.

First, save your document to OneDrive

Save document to OneDrive

Save document to OneDrive

Next, click on Share

Click on the Share button

Click on the Share button

Create the link

Create the link

Create the link

Share the link on Slack

Share the link on Slack

You’re done and you’re welcome.

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Disable touchscreen keyboard Windows 8.1

To disable your touchscreen keyboard in Windows 8.1 (for example on my Samsung Ultrabook) type Windows key Q, enter “msconfig”, click on the services tab, uncheck “Touch Keyboard and Handwriting Panel Service”.




Having trouble starting OneDrive sync engine host?

Screenshot of OneDrive sync issue

My OneDrive wasn’t syncing, so I Googled and got this page.

I spent an hour trying to do what it said and could never get the engine showing in Task Manager.

I happened to check my notification tray, and found a OneDrive error.

Two of my file names of a .doc and a .mp4 had bad syntax and this was preventing the entire upload.

I fixed the two names and the engine now shows and my files are uploading.


Should I give my dog Twizzlers?

Rainbow Twizzlers
Twizzlers are basically jello with artificial flavouring and some corn starch to act as a thickener.

I wouldn’t say they’re good for your dog, but in small doses it won’t make him/her seriously ill.

You might however, want to take an extra bag or two on your next walk.

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